“I’ve been going here for over 6 years, love the people, the service and their knowledge! They know which frames would best be suited for you and your prescription. My son has a very strong prescription from Toronto Sick Kids and they are always helpful in finding trendy frames for him that meet his needs. Fantastic place!” – Jen

Men’s Style Guide

Trends come and go but style is timeless. We’ve rounded up some frames that will stand the test of time and help you express your true self through your eyeglasses.

Women’s Style Guide

Express yourself and live your best life. Feel confident in your personal style with these eyeglasses.




At Hakim Optical, we love how fresh and fun our community and our customers are – so we want to show you guys off! Check out some of the contributions from our loyal and happy customers and join in on the fun by hashtagging #HakimOptical on Instagram to get you and your eyeglasses showcased and on our What’s Buzzing page.

Virtual Try-on Tool

Want to see how you will look wearing a pair of Hakim Optical designer glasses before you buy them? Experience the Hakim Optical Virtual Try-on Tool.

Your Eyes Can Have It All!

“Got new frames from Hakim optical and i love them. it was great experience, Knowledgeable employees and so many selections to pick from. Their service is great and they even give me one year warranty if anything happen to my frames.”

– Tony Clarke

Virtual Try-on Tool

Want to see how you will look wearing a pair of Hakim Optical designer glasses before you buy them? Experience the Hakim Optical Virtual Try-on Tool.

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Every Hakim Optical has an Optician In Store

An optician is a licensed professional that has the proper training to fit corrective eyewear such as glasses and contacts. It’s important to work with an optician when buying glasses because they’ll ensure frames are compatible with lenses and your face shape, will take an accurate pupillary distance (PD) measurement and will make any needed

Tips for Dealing with Lost Glasses on Vacation

The best way to deal with lost glasses on vacation is to have prepared for the possibility before you left! Always pack an extra set of glasses, carry your prescription with you and pack a small eyeglass repair kit. It’s always best to travel with two pairs of glasses. If you’re taking a plane to

Don’t Use Toothpaste to Prevent Foggy Glasses

A sudden change in temperature can cause glasses to fog up and is one of the most annoying aspects of wearing glasses in the winter. Applying an anti-fog wipe or spray can help; however, never apply household products like toothpaste or shaving cream to lenses. These internet “fixes” could actually scratch and damage lenses.

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