Selecting the right lens type

While so much focus is placed on the frames of your glasses, be careful not to overlook their key component, the lenses.

Focusing on lenses will provide you with optimal performance. It’s not as simple as just getting the proper prescription; the different types of lenses available can appeal to different lifestyles and ages.

Extra Thin Lenses – Ultra Light & Ultra-Thin

Our extra thin lenses are up to 60% thinner and lighter than a regular plastic lens. A thicker lens can be very uncomfortable, especially in the middle for farsighted lenses and around the edges for near sighted lenses. The thicker lens is more likely to distort the images being corrected through your eyewear. Much like when you look through the other side of a thick corrective lens and your eyes are magnified, which can also cramp your style.

In general, a lighter lens will be more comfortable. They can help to reduce sliding and those pressure marks on your nose, as well as reduce the strain on the back of your ears, which can cause headaches. They are also scratch resistant and have UV protection. Extra thin lenses are ideally suited for higher prescriptions or rimless and semi-rimless frames.

ViewMaster Computer Lenses

The amount of time we spend in front of a computer screen seems to increase every day, so it’s about time people started treating their eyes accordingly. ViewMaster lenses are designed to provide optimal viewing at approximately 20 to 26 inches – which is the average distance between your eyes and the computer screen.

Our computer lenses are also thin, light, scratch resistant, and have edge-to-edge clarity and UV protection. They are particularly recommended for people with strong prescriptions. 

Featherlite Unbreakables

As their name would suggest, these lenses are a thin, light and nearly unbreakable. They are best suited for children, active adults and people who utilize safety eyewear.

They also provide scratch resistance and 100% UV protection to provide you with peace of mind when you’re wearing your glasses. Say goodbye to heavy, uncomfortable eyewear with Featherlite Unbreakables.

Instinctive Progressive Lenses

Instinctive Progressive Lenses make vision correction feel natural. They offer the latest technology; producing clear, uninterrupted vision to all distances.

If you are looking for pure performance in your lenses, these will be a great fit for you.

High Tech Photochromic Lenses

Photochromic lenses adapt to your busy lifestyle. This dynamic eyewear is designed to automatically adjust to any environment.

Indoors, the lenses are clear and tint free to provide optimal clarity; when outside they will tint to offer a more comfortable viewing experience and UV protection. They are available in both grey and brown options.

Xtreme Widefield Lenses

These lenses are designed to reduce distortion in your peripherals. This makes them ideal for an active lifestyle but can also enhance your abilities in everyday activities, such as driving.

These lighter lenses are designed for performance but due to the thin, flat shape, they will also maintain the natural look of your eyes. XTREME WIDEFIELD lenses are highly recommended for higher powered prescriptions.

In addition to selecting the right lenses, you can also add a lens coating. Lens coatings can provide a protective layer and help to reduce glare on your new lenses. Click here to find out more about lens coatings.

Now that you know what lens type is right for you, don’t forget to update your prescription. Having the proper prescription is the most important aspect of lens performance.

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