Turn heads with coloured contacts

Whether you’re making a fashion statement or seeking therapeutic benefits, coloured contact lenses are worth considering.

Tinted lenses have dye incorporated into the lens material that can change the appearance of your eyes. At the extreme end of the style scale, cosmetic contact lenses have gained a certain popularity.

These lenses have no therapeutic value because the lenses themselves are without power. Their sole purpose is to make a fashion statement. Eyes can be coloured or radically altered to reflect different and unusual colours or shapes (such as cats eyes) or even the logo of your favourite sports team. However, most wearers of coloured or tinted contacts are combining the health benefits of therapeutic lenses with fashion.

Tinted therapeutic lenses can aid in the treatment or correction of non-refractive eye disorders.

Types of Tinted Lenses  

There are two types of tinted lenses. Colour Enhancement Contact Lenses are designed to enhance the colour of the iris. They can intensify that colour or alter the hue, but not change the actual colour. On the other hand, the tinted portion of Opaque Lenses does not allow light through and so will completely change the colour of the eye. They’re the ones that turn blue eyes brown, hazel or whichever design you want.

Some can get worried that there may be side effects, but fear not, the tinted lenses are as safe as regular uncoloured lenses.

The dyes used have been tested for tissue compatibility and approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The colour will fade over time, though in all likelihood not before the lenses have been replaced.

Some tinted lenses can reduce glare by reducing the amount of light hitting the eye. However, contact lenses currently available do not take the place of sunglasses that fully block ultraviolet rays. Plus, they only cover a small section of your eye.

The Health of Your Eyes is Paramount  

The health of your eyes is the first concern in the purchase of tinted lenses. An eye care professional will ensure the compatibility of the lenses with the eye, and the best type of lens. The professional will consider the duration of use and a replacement schedule. It may sound like obvious advice, but it’s imperative to follow the instructions that come with that fitting. Don’t overwear your contacts and replace them according to the schedule you are given. That replacement schedule will depend on the type of contacts you choose. Your trusted Hakim Optical optician will recommend eye care products, and it is advisable again to adhere to these recommendations.

After you’ve considered all this, you’re all set. Choose your design, and you’ll be turning heads everywhere you go.


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