2015 Women’s Fall Style Guide

Fall is the best fashion time of the year! It fluctuates in temperature to provide you with the flexibility to wear all of your favourite outfits, it offers beautiful background scenery for your selfies and it really pumpkin-spices up our lives.

If you’re looking for a way to spruce up your look for the fall, a nice pair of frames is a subtle yet significant way to change every outfit you wear. Here are some of the best new frames fall has to offer:

Cloudy Day

cloudy day

Where there are smokey frames, there’s a fiery new look.

To truly enjoy fall you have to be able to appreciate the beauty of a cloudy day. The fresh smell after a rain fall, the ominous feel that makes every day feel like a sci-fi movie or the slightly cooler temperature that frees you from the boredom of summer-only outfits.

Embrace these cloudy-day frames and you’ll start to see the bright side.

Tiller (Gray) – D2006C


Get in Line

get in line

Put these lines in an organized fashion.

Lines seem to follow these frames around. The contrasting styles of round glasses and straight lines make for an interesting design. It’s a simple change in shade to create the lines but the consistency in colour provides you with a sense of “organized fashion”.

The frame shape is a popular one at the moment, sitting low on your brow and dropping down. They provide a unique take on a hip style. Get in line.

Pixar (SH Blue) – D2205C


Queen Peach

queen patch

Fit for a princess ready to take the throne.

Pink is powerful. These frames carry a confidence only a true Queen has. They rock a vintage style with a modern build and shy away from no one’s eyes. You’ll feel an urge to wear them on your head like the crown they appear to be – although but we urge you not to, since you’ll need these glasses to see.

However, we don’t need to tell you about them, when you see them you’ll know. Yaasss.

Gloria Vanderbilt – 098


Sea-Turtle Shell

sea turtle shell

Do you know how long a Sea Turtle lives? Not as long as this Tortoise Shell style.

Round frames are in and Tortoise Shell is never out. These two combine to make an eternal frame that will never burn out. They shimmer in the light, they look great on both men and women and, we promise, no tortoises were harmed in the making of these frames.

Although Tortoise Shell is never out, it’s never more in than the fall. It matches the leaves, your outfit tones and the look of intelligence that follows fall style.

Pixar (Tort) – D2008C


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