Spring Style Guide: Mirrored Sunglasses

Mirrored Sunglasses are the Popular Choice this Summer

It’s spring and it’s time to take a look in the mirror, or better yet, take a look through new mirrored sunglasses.

Spring is the best time to revamp your style, especially if you’ve been thinking of adding some colour to your look after the dreary winter months. Get a pair of sunglasses that can do both.

They’re the favourite of celebrities, fashion bloggers and designers this season and for good reason. Not only do they add a more distinctive look to your outfit, but the addition of a colour to your mirrored lenses can highlight a more vibrant wardrobe for the spring. Our mirrored lenses are available in green, blue and gold tints.

To truly make the lenses shine, we recommend choosing a pastel or matte, neutral colour so that the lenses can be the star of the frame. This can work especially well with thinner frames because the lenses will be the only focal point. Mirrored sunglasses will look good on any frame, but we find they work best on frames with round lenses and large height.

For some examples of the frames we carry and to find something that might fit the style you’re seeking, click here to browse through our frames.

While they definitely add a dimension to your wardrobe, there are some fashion faux pas that you should try and avoid. First and foremost is adding too much colour. If you’re already matching 2-3 different colours with your clothing or jewelry, things can get tacky in a hurry by adding a fourth colour to the mix.

That’s a great reason to add more than one pair of sunglasses. Different styles will add a flexibility to your attire and with the Hakim Optical Big Spring Sale, it’s more affordable to add more pairs.

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Whether you’re looking for the perfect outfit for this year’s music festivals or for a weekend at the cottage, mirrored sunglasses are the trendy choice.

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