Digital Eye Strain Causes and Solutions

Many of us use computers both at work and in our leisure time on a daily basis, and due to this the effects of digital eye strain are taking their toll.

The physical stresses of sitting at a computer for repetitive, extended periods of time vary, but the common ailment amongst all is the strain put on the eyes. Digital eye strain affects productivity and can cause errors you may not have made had your eyes not been under such duress!

You should be getting a regular, complete eye exam every year to ensure that your eyes are healthy. Make sure to tell your eye doctor how often you use a computer and if you feel that you may be experiencing digital eye strain.

We’ve supplied a helpful infographic below to help educate you about the symptoms of digital eye strain and tips on what you can do to relieve your eyes:

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Remember, digital eye strain doesn’t have to be something you are forced to live with! It can be significantly improved if you follow the handy tips in the infographic above, and maintain good eye health with regular exams.