First Time Wearing Glasses? There’s An Adjustment Period!

The first time you put on a pair of eyeglasses, you may be suddenly overwhelmed by how crisp and clear everything around you looks. But your first time wearing glasses can also bring some effects you didn’t expect, that will take your eyes some time to adjust.

The sensation can feel a bit uncomfortable, a sort of dizzy feeling or one of being off-balance. This feeling is actually very common in first time wearers, and usually passes within a week or two, letting you enjoy your glasses completely! We’ve all been through the uncomfortable feeling of the first time wearing glasses, so we’ve compiled some tips for you to help get you through it:

Wear Your Glasses Every Day:

Even though you’re uncomfortable, keep making an effort to wear them every day. You’ll be surprised how much you’ll get used to them and appreciate how clearly they make you see! Take breaks when you experience dizziness, but try to put them back on and keep going on about your day! However, keep in mind that if you’re experiencing eye pain or serious headaches, to contact your eye doctor to ensure that everything is okay.

Keep Your Lenses Clean:

Smudges on your lenses are distracting for any glasses-wearer, but especially for someone experiencing their first time wearing glasses. Keep your lenses clean by spraying lens cleaner on them and using a scratch-proof cloth.

Move Your Head as You Would Normally:

A lot of people wearing glasses for the first time get dizzy or experience headaches because they are moving their eyes now, not their heads. It will be a conscious effort you make, but after a while you’ll get used to it and do it naturally as you normally would.

Give Your Glasses a Fair Chance:

Try to give your first time wearing glasses a fair shot by wearing them every day for about one to two weeks. This is a good period of time to get used to them, but if you don’t, that means adjustments may need to be made to the glasses themselves according to your prescription. In this case, contact your eye doctor for an appointment to resolve the issue!

Many Hakim Optical locations have Eye Exam Centres within them, in which you can book an appointment to see an eye doctor for all of your eye care needs. Book an appointment today at your closest Hakim Optical with an Eye Exam Centre and don’t worry too much about the adjustment period on your way to clear vision!