How Photochromic Lenses Work

When the sun is shining and you’re wearing glasses you’re either blinded by the light or you’re constantly switching back and forth between your eyeglasses and sunglasses. To combat this annoyance, you can get photochromic lenses, that darken on exposure to specific types of light. There are many reasons to purchase High Tech Photochromic lenses, if it isn’t for the benefit of protecting your eyes outside, then it might be for the money you can save from buying separate prescription sunglasses; which can get very expensive.

Here at Hakim Optical, we carry High Tech Photochromic lenses, which adjust to changes in light to optimize your eyesight. When they’re exposed to bright light, the lenses darken to resemble sunglasses with UV protection. They adapt to your everyday busy lifestyle and can adjust to any environment; the lenses are clear and tint free indoors, so you won’t have to worry about clarity. The Photochromic lenses at Hakim Optical are available in both grey and brown tint options and they also are available in different styles that best suit your personality!

High Tech Photochromic lenses also offer an abundance of benefits beyond the comfort of having one pair of glasses that can do it all:

  • Your vision will be clearer and colours will appear more vivid, especially in the sunlight.
  • Photochromic lenses darken within 30 seconds of exposure to sunlight and revert back to clear just as fast.
  • Your eyeglasses will be able to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays outside, when they couldn’t before.
  • You won’t be worried if you forget to bring your sunglasses to an outdoor event.
  • Photochromic lenses are perfect for children who have difficultly remembering to bring each pair of glasses.
  • They significantly reduce eyestrain and squinting in sunlight, which allows you to see clearly and comfortably outdoors.

Having High Tech Photochromic lenses can be a great change in your life! They are perfect for outdoor sports, driving and any other time glare reduction is needed. If you have any questions about Photochromic lenses, or any other eye care inquiries, you can contact us here or come into any of our Hakim Optical locations across Canada today!