Your Child’s Eye Health FAQs – Answered!

The school year has officially begun…eye health

…But there’s still some time left to get things done you may have not had a chance for. There’s still time to shop… (like Hakim Optical’s Back to School Sale!)

eye health

…And still some time to get settled back into the school-year routine. There’s even some time to go get your kids’ eyes checked so that they perform well in school this year!

eye health

You child’s eye health is critical to their success and wellbeing, but you may find yourself a bit confused as to why it’s absolutely necessary to monitor.

eye health

So why does a child really need an eye exam? You’ve probably noticed that your kids grow up in a flash! Their eyes change just as fast as the rest of them, and can develop irregularities, near or far sightedness, or even become susceptible to diseases. It’s critical to have them checked over at least once per year to ensure your child’s eye health is developing properly.

But when should a child start getting eye exams?

The Canadian Association of Optometrists states that infants should have their first comprehensive eye exams at 6 months of age.

How long does it take to get an eye exam?

In general, a kid’s eye exam should take about 20-30 minutes. Sometimes they can go on for a bit longer if the optometrist determines the need for more tests, but otherwise it’s a quick exam that can help out your child’s eye health a lot!

Are children’s eye tests free?

At Hakim Optical, children’s eye exams up to 18 years of age are FREE!

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Your child is about to embark on another year at school and needs to be as prepared as possible! Ensure your child’s eye health is at its best by booking an appointment through Hakim Optical’s Eye Exam Centre.

Hakim Optical is happy to help with all of your vision needs. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!