The Value of Licensed Opticians In-Store at Hakim Optical

In the last few weeks, we’ve gone over the various ways in which Hakim Optical works to be your lens experts and your go-to for all of your eyeglasses needs. We likely do not have to tell you how important your eyes are – especially your eye health – for clear vision throughout your life. Having a licensed opticians assess your eyes and help you find the best pair of glasses to fit your needs is invaluable – and available at Hakim Optical.

Professional adjustment is vital for keeping your glasses in proper shape. Trying to tighten your glasses yourself can result in changing the actual curve of the lens and thus reduces the quality of your vision through your lenses. And adjustment isn’t just about the glasses themselves – it also relies heavily on the individual wearing them. This is when the value of licensed opticians always available in-store becomes even more important.

Every Hakim Optical located next to an Eye Exam Centre is staffed by licensed opticians and eye doctors.   This means that everyone working is fully certified to thoroughly assess your eye health and all of your vision needs. Additionally, Hakim Optical is the only eyeglasses company across Canada that always has a licensed optician on the floor at each location to help you find the very best fit of glasses for your needs. They will adjust your glasses based on your height and the way you hold yourself most comfortably so that your vision remains clear at all times. Our licensed opticians in-store ensure that whatever your eyes may need is met in full – we carry everything!

We understand how important the information you receive from your optician is – this is why our in-store licensed opticians receive ongoing, up-to-date training both from the Canadian Associate of Optometrists and through Hakim Optical to best serve you.

Once our opticians have assessed your eye health and vision, they will ensure that the prescription is appropriately dispensed for your glasses so that you receive your glasses made just as intended, and Hakim Optical will always provide you with FREE glasses adjustments to keep your eyeglasses optimized.

Visit any of our locations across Canada today, and rest assured that your eye health and vision is treated with expert care and commitment to perfection.

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