Buying Glasses Online Isn’t Worth the Risk

In the past two years or so, we’ve seen an increase in online retailers specializing in prescription glasses. These websites boast large selections of frames and apparently easy, step-by-step purchasing at lower costs. However, they fail to warn consumers of the consequences that follow the wearer after buying glasses online.

As your lens experts, Hakim Optical is committed to providing you with the very best in quality lenses to correct your vision while keeping you comfortable. We have in-store opticians to help meet all of your eyewear needs, along with professional adjustment to ensure that your glasses fit you perfectly. This careful process is nearly impossible to complete when purchasing prescription glasses online. The online purchase further forces customers to live with uncomfortable glasses they’ve already purchased that are likely doing much more harm than good.

Arguments for buying glasses online are abundant, but can all be contradicted:

“Buying glasses online costs less for the same quality.”

 False. Online retailers do not have to maintain high-quality material standards when producing eyeglasses and can, therefore, cut costs in nearly every way. Hakim Optical uses only premium materials to craft your glasses to ensure that they are always of the highest quality.

“The selection is so much bigger when buying glasses online.”

The selection may be bigger, but it’s a selection of poor quality glasses that won’t last you very long. Hakim Optical has the largest selection of glasses in-store that you can ALSO browse online! Once you’ve found your favourite frames, you can visit in-store to try them on and be professionally advised and fitted.

“You can try on glasses online with a photo of yourself.”

Wearing glasses goes far beyond how they look on your face. Although that is important, the way your glasses rest on your face and how they feel when you move and actually put them on is something that cannot be measured with a photo “try-it” tool.

“Online customer support is available if I have any questions.”

Online retailers do not have opticians available to assess your vision needs and adjust your glasses to fit you perfectly like Hakim Optical does. Our in-store opticians are always ready to answer any of your questions and are actually able to act on any discomfort you feel with your new glasses.

Hakim Optical strives to provide each of our customers with the best possible service and care. We know how important your vision is and the value of your eyeglasses – you depend on them to see, after all. Purchase your glasses in-store instead of buying glasses online – your eyes and vision will thank you!

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