The Annoying Eye Twitch: What Does It Mean?

Myokymia is the medical term for that annoying eye twitch, the condition where an eye starts contracting uncontrollably. It’s an irritant like hiccups; not necessarily a cause for alarm, but a perplexing condition that comes and goes without real rhyme or reason.

Many people are worried when they experience their first eye twitch, which quickly turns to annoyance and then frustration. Determining the cause of this particular affliction can involve a process of elimination, but for most people, the answer can be found in their lifestyle.

Everyone experiences stress, but how we cope and how our bodies react differs. In some instances, eye twitching can be a reaction to a high-stress environment. Similarly, a lack of sleep can contribute to uncontrolled eye spasms. Many times, a good night’s sleep and activity to reduce stress will eliminate eye twitches.

What you eat and drink directly affects your health. For some, consuming too much caffeine can trigger an eye twitch, while others will notice the onset after drinking alcohol. Keeping a journal of what you eat and drink when eye twitches begin can help identify your trigger.

Vision changes or strain on your eyes can cause them to work harder, leading to an eye twitch. Schedule an eye exam to have your vision checked by an optician and ensure your prescription is up to date.

Many people suffer from dry eyes — irritated and red eyes as a result of eye ducts not producing enough tears. Medications, contact lenses, age or environmental conditions can all be contributing factors. One of the side effects of dry eyes could be myokymia, so treating the underlying cause can also alleviate the bothersome eye twitch.

Eye spasms are a common occurrence and are usually not a cause for concern. However, if you start experiencing an eyelid twitching more frequently or can’t pinpoint a trigger, it is always a good idea to seek expert medical advice.

Take care of your eye health. Good vision offers a better quality of life. Schedule an appointment at one of our eye exam centres to have your eyes evaluated today.

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