How to Survive Allergy Season with Contacts

Most people are excited to leave the snow and cold behind us for warmer weather and sunshine. However, springtime can bring a new set of headaches for contact lens wearers that suffer from seasonal allergies. As the pollen and ragweed counts increase, daily comfort can decrease. For those that wear contacts and suffer from allergy season symptoms, make sure you follow our tips to alleviate some of your springtime symptoms.

Give Your Contacts a Break
If possible, trade-in your contact lenses for eyeglasses on days where the pollen count is high or you plan on spending a majority of the time outdoors. Allergens from the air can get easily trapped on your contact lenses—creating discomfort and frustration.

Use Artificial Tears
Invest in a bottle of artificial tears (not cosmetic eye drops) and carry the bottle with you when out and about. Periodically wetting your contacts will keep them lubricated and can help wash out allergens—keeping your symptoms at bay.

Pay Attention to Your Cleaning Routine
It’s extremely important to follow strict contact lens cleaning routines at all times. But during allergy season it’s especially important to thoroughly clean lenses before storing them in clean solution. Rubbing your lenses will dislodge any allergens that may have found their way to your contacts and can help alleviate symptoms the next day.

Use Dailies
The best type of contact lenses to wear during allergy season are disposable dailies—ensuring that each day your eyes will have a new set of sterile lenses. If you’re looking to switch lenses, a licensed optician can help you choose the best contacts for your needs and can ensure that they fit properly.

While some discomfort during allergy season is unavoidable, if your symptoms are preventing you from fully participating in daily activities, it’s best to schedule an appointment with an optometrist.

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