Use Vision Benefits Before they Expire at the End of the Year

Many people enjoy extended health benefits that include vision care. For most plans, these benefits expire at the end of the year and cannot be rolled over. If you and your family have unused extended coverage, make sure you’re using the full amount of your vision benefits before they expire.

Most policies expire on December 31, so schedule your eye exam today!

Every plan is different, but most have an allowance for a comprehensive eye exam every 24 months and a set amount of money to put towards glasses or contact lenses every 12 months. With the end of the year quickly approaching, you only have a few weeks to reap the benefits of your vision plan.

Regular eye exams are important because they ensure that your prescriptions are up to date and can catch eye diseases and illnesses early—helping to prevent vision loss. During a comprehensive eye exam, a licensed optometrist will conduct a thorough history and perform a number of tests to check for any signs of illness. Most vision benefits completely cover the cost of these necessary exams.

Hakim Optical offers a number of frames, lenses and coatings to ensure that you get the perfect pair of glasses for your needs. Every store has an on-site optician that can help you find the right pair of glasses (or contact lenses) and help to process your insurance claim.

Hakim Optical accepts insurance plans and direct billing from a number of insurance providers.
Contact your nearest Hakim Optical location today for more information and book your eye exam online.

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