2017 Winter Style Guide

As the snow falls and the temperature drops, Canadians are beginning to bundle up to keep warm when heading outside. But that doesn’t mean that the winter season has to be unfashionable. Hakim Optical is here to save the day by keeping you on trend with our 2017 Winter Style Guide!

This winter season, we’re focusing on the dark and stormy weather, and have collected some of our moodiest—and stylish—frames.

Kaia Blue

Think of the contrast between these dark blue frames and the white, pristine snow—that’s an Instagram just waiting to happen.


A lighter shade of blue, the Kimbers frames will add a touch of colour to the otherwise dreary winter days.


These staff favourites are sure to up to your winter-style game. These frames can be worn to the obligatory staff Holiday party or be the star of your New Year’s Eve Party!

Hakim Optical wishes you a very happy holiday season!

You can browse our latest selection of eyeglasses online or head into your nearest Hakim Optical location to find your perfect winter glasses!

Hakim Optical is proud to be celebrating our 50th anniversary and to be able to support organizations like CLERC (Canadian Lions Eyeglass Recycling Centre). Before the end of the year, help us reach our goal of donating 100,000 pairs of eyewear to CLERC this year by bringing your unused frames to any Hakim Optical location.

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