Tips to Choose the Perfect Frames

There a number of different frames available for prescriptions. Being able to choose the material, colour and shape provide almost limitless possibilities and with so much choice it can be overwhelming to find the perfect frames. That’s why Hakim Optical always has an optician in-store to help you pick the perfect glasses for your needs.

When an optician helps you choose your frames, they’ll take into account a number of factors to help narrow down your choices including prescription, face shape and colour.

Those that have high prescriptions—either negative or positive—should choose frames that complement their prescription. To avoid the “coke-bottle” effect, those with high negative prescriptions should select frames that are shorter and narrower. High positive prescriptions should avoid oversized frames and instead focus on finding narrow frames.

Face Shape
When choosing the perfect frames you’ll want to choose a pair of glasses that contrast your face shape while staying in scale. For example, those with a square shaped face will probably look best in a narrow frame, while those with an oval face should try wider frames.

Once you find the perfect frame shape, you’ll often have a number of colour options. Take a moment to think about your personal style and which colours you favour in your wardrobe. You’ll want to pick a colour that matches your personality.

You can stop into your nearest Hakim Optical location to see the wide variety of eyewear options and let our friendly staff help you find the perfect frames!

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