Dangers of Ordering Glasses Online

There are a number of retailers selling glasses online. Many of these companies don’t have a physical location that customers can visit, only a website and online store. While some people are attracted to the low prices offered when ordering glasses online, there are real dangers when purchasing frames and lenses from an online retailer.

When ordering glasses online, you’re not able to inspect the frames, have them fitted to your unique face shape, or ask questions about the lenses before buying. You only have pictures on the website to go from and unfortunately, pictures can be deceiving. While a pair of frames might look good on a computer screen, they could look different when you try them on or could be the completely wrong size or shape for your face.

It’s important to have glasses properly—and professionally—fitted. When you buy glasses online, there’s a big risk that they’ll arrive and need professional adjustment. Trying to change the fit yourself could lead to frame damage or worsening the fit, which can impact your vision. Since everyone’s vision and fit is different, it’s next to impossible to purchase the perfect pair of glasses online. When customers purchase glasses online and they don’t fit, they go to their nearest optician and expect them to fix it for free.

When ordering glasses online, you’ll also be expected to provide a PD (Pupillary Distance) measurement. The PD is used during lens production to ensure your eyes match up with the centre of the lenses. This measurement is extremely important and should only be taken by a certified optician. Online tools to find your PD are extremely unreliable and inaccurate, which could lead to lenses that are produced which are not properly calibrated to fit your specific measurements.

A final problem with ordering glasses online is that you don’t know what materials are being used to produce lenses and frames. Improperly made glasses or lenses made with inferior materials can actually damage your vision and cause a number of problems. They could also break easily—requiring frequent replacement.

Your vision is important and eye health should not be compromised by the promise of cheap glasses online. Stop by the nearest location and let us help you pick out the right glasses for your prescription.

Hakim Optical strives to provide each of our customers with the best possible service and care. We know how important your vision is and the value of your eyeglasses – you depend on them to see, after all. Purchase your glasses in-store instead of buying glasses online – your eyes and vision will thank you!

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