Did You Know Medication Can Affect Eyesight?

Medication, both prescribed and over-the-counter, can have a number of side effects. Many people are familiar with common side effects such as nausea and headaches, but most are surprised to learn that certain medication can affect eyesight.

There are a number of different medications that can affect eyesight and cause temporary changes like blurriness or double vision. There are also some medications that can cause permanent damage or can increase the risk of glaucoma or cataracts. It’s important to take steps to help protect vision and eyesight when starting a new medication.

Communicate with the prescribing doctor about possible side effects and make sure to inquire about specific changes to your vision that should be monitored. If you have a pre-existing eye condition, it’s extremely important to tell your doctor as they may change the type of medication they prescribe.

An example of common medications that affect eyesight:


Many Canadians take antibiotics but few are aware that double vision can be a side effect of this widely used drug. Often, vision returns to normal as soon as the medication is discontinued.


Canadians that suffer from seasonal allergies often rely on antihistamines to make pollen season bearable, but for some people, this type of medication can affect eyesight. Cataracts or eye infections are reported vision side effects and glaucoma is a concern with prolonged use.


Whether applied as a cream or taken as a pill, corticosteroids can cause swelling in the back of the retina and could possibly contribute to the development of cataracts.

Taking care of your eye health is important, so make sure you know how medication can affect eyesight and schedule an appointment with an eye care professional if you’re worried about any eye symptoms.

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