Back to School Glasses Tips

Now that schools are slowly starting to reopen across the country, kids are finally getting back in the classroom excited to start learning from their teachers again! Since it has been awhile since they have been in a class setting, some students may have trouble adapting to their new routine, especially when it comes to taking care of their eyewear. Here are some tips you can share with your children about how to best take care of their glasses as they head back to school!

Removing Their Glasses
It is no secret that children are generally more well behaved and careful when they are around their parents, especially over the last 6 months when all of their time was spent at home. While it may feel like a no brainer, taking a moment to show your child the best way to remove their glasses without bending the arms or popping out the lenses is highly recommended. They may already know how to do this, but once they are back with friends and surrounded by new distractions they could be less cautious than they usually would be.

Storing Their Glasses
If your child doesn’t already have a case for their glasses, or simply misplaced their old case, we highly suggest getting them a new one. If they need to take off their glasses for any reason during the day, you’ll want to be sure that they have a safe place to put them. Placing their eyewear in a case will ensure that their lenses remain clean and unscathed, rather than running the risk of the glasses accidentally being knocked off their desk where they can be scratched, or worse, stepped on!

Cleaning Their Glasses
Spills and food mishaps are pretty commonplace for the classroom, so it’s important for your child to know how to clean their glasses if an accident occurs. Most glasses come with a small microfibre cloth, that should absolutely not be thrown out, and kept within their eyewear case. This cloth is perfect for common smudges like fingerprints, but sometimes a more thorough clean is needed. If they get things like sticky foods or art class paint on their lenses, gently running them under warm water is the best solution! After that, they can simply dry their frames with the provided microfibre cloth and get back to learning!

Even when you and your child take all the necessary steps to protect their glasses, accidents can always happen! If your little one requires a new pair of glasses for the school year, during our “Back To It Sale” you can get two pairs of kid’s scratch resistant designer frames starting from just $98!

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