Correcting Marks Left by Your Eyewear’s Nose Pads

Many people believe that the red marks left by their nose pads are just a normal part of wearing glasses, but the reality is that couldn’t be less true. Your glasses shouldn’t leave any marks on your face, and this guide will help you correct the marks left by your nose pads should you experience them.

Seeing red marks on your nose when you take off your glasses isn’t normal, and it’s most likely a sign that your eyewear doesn’t fit properly and requires an adjustment. Odds are your nose pads are positioned too high up or too low on your face, which is causing them to fit tighter than they should. There are a couple of other reasons the nose pads on your glasses could be leaving red marks on your face as well, including:

  • Size – If your glasses are too small for your face size and shape, it could be causing the pads to dig into your skin. You can check this easily by assessing whether your eyes are in the middle of your lenses or not and making sure your frames sit just slightly past your widest facial features.
  • Weight – You could be getting red marks on your nose because your glasses are too heavy. Everyone has a different face and head shape, and it will affect how the weight of your glasses sits on your face. Try out a lighter frame and see if it resolves the problem.
  • Incorrect Bridge – The red marks left on your face could be a result of the bridge of your glasses being too narrow. If your glasses have adjustable nose pads, this is a relatively easy fix, but if they aren’t adjustable, you may be able to tighten up the temple distance on your glasses to remedy the problem.

Many individuals fear that if the nose pads on their glasses are leaving red marks on their face it means that they need to get new glasses, but that usually isn’t the case. Carefully adjust the nose pads on your glasses until they feel comfortable, and then check that your eyes are centred in the lenses, and the frames are centred on your face. If your glasses have a fixed plastic bridge, it’s best to visit your local Hakim Optical Optician and get them to professionally adjust them for you.

If manual adjustments just aren’t cutting it, book an appointment at your local
Hakim Optical for a complimentary frame adjustment!

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