Make Sure Your Child Has The Right Glasses For Back To School

When we’re getting out children ready for back to school, there are so many things that we need to make sure to do. Children are always growing so new shoes and clothing are often a must, new school supplies, and ingredients for packing lunches are all things that parents rush to prepare for the best back-to-school season possible for their children. What’s funny, is that during all of the fuss of back-to-school, sometimes we forget what’s most important. A proper pair of glasses for kids who need them makes the whole school year doable; here’s how to make sure your child has the right pair of glasses before going back to school!

Annual Eye Exams

Because children’s eyes don’t stop developing until they’re in their twenties, it’s recommended that children under the age of twenty have an eye exam once annually to make sure that they’re wearing the right prescription for them. We usually recommend that the eye exam takes place in the summer or right before school starts again so your child can start their back-to-school with the most accurate and helpful prescription glasses possible!

Anti-Scratch Lenses

It’s no secret that kids get up to lots of fun at school and on the playground, and while we want to encourage our kids to play and get exercise, we know that trips, falls, and accidents can happen. For kids who love to play, they need durable glasses that can handle some roughhousing. We recommend our anti-scratch lenses to protect your child’s glasses from getting scuffed and to keep them looking newer longer!

A Pair Of Glasses That Your Child Can Feel Good In

If your child is wearing their glasses all day, every day, it’s important that they like how they look. At Hakim Optical we have hundreds of styles of glasses to choose from to really make your child feel confident and stylish as they go back to school. From vibrant, colourful frames to sleek and trendy ones, your child is bound to find a pair that really feels like them!

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