Prescription Goggles And Scuba Masks

If swimming is one of your hobbies or passions and you wear eyeglasses, you’re often presented with two options with their own downsides: you could either try to a wear scuba mask over your regular glasses which can be very uncomfortable and prone to leaking, or wear high quality watertight swimming goggles and disposable prescription contact lens that you can immediately swap out for fresh ones. At Hakim Optical, we believe that safety, proper vision, and comfort should be accessible regardless of what activity you’re participating in, which is why we are so pleased to offer prescription goggles and scuba masks!

Swimming Goggles

If you’re someone who enjoys swimming for exercise or leisure, wearing prescription swimming goggles can truly enhance your swimming experience. At Hakim Optical, we offer a selection of limited, preset prescription goggles. Our opticians can help you find the right prescription for your needs and fit you with a pair of prescription goggles in store in just one day! Don’t spend another swim compromising safety and vision for comfort, instead, have the best of both worlds by wearing comfortable goggles that fit your prescription.

Scuba Masks

At Hakim Optical, we understand that when you choose to go on a diving adventure, you want to be able to take in the beauty of the underwater world around you. This cannot always be possible if you’re not able to see properly underwater without your prescription glasses. For our customers who love to dive, we offer prescription inserts for scuba masks!

When purchasing your next scuba mask, be sure to choose one that has the option for a prescription insert; bring your mask into your nearest Hakim Optical, and we’ll gladly produce a full prescription into the insert and clip it into the mask! Never let your prescription get in the way of the beauty of an amazing dive: let Hakim Optical help you see perfectly both on land and under the sea!

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