Different Glasses For Your Different Needs

At Hakim Optical, we believe that your glasses should not only help you to see, we also believe that you deserve glasses that’ll serve your individual needs, enhance your daily activities, and show off your personal style. Canadians go to Hakim Optical when they’re in search of completely unique and versatile specs because we have an array of different glasses for everyone, regardless of their lifestyle.


If you’re going to wear something on your face daily, it better be something that you love. Don’t settle for any pair of boring glasses when you can choose to highlight your own personal style and compliment the colours of your complexion and structure of your face. Whether you’re looking for sleek professional frames or loud and colourful statement glasses, with an array of different glasses, Hakim Optical has got you covered.


It’s a common misconception that sunglasses are just for summer. In reality, we should be wearing sunglasses outside all year long, because UV rays can always hurt our eyes regardless of the season. If you choose to wear sunglasses, you need a pair that will not only look great, but provide your eyes with the protection they need. If you’re someone who does a lot of driving, you may want to consider polarized lenses. If you enjoy time outside, it may be best for you to choose mirrored lenses, or if you want to wear just one pair of specs for both inside and outside, you should try self-tinting glasses!

Lens Coatings

Lens coatings are a great way to make your glasses work for you and your daily activities. Both children and adults can benefit from lens coatings for their different needs. Here are a few of our favourite glasses lens coatings for different purposes:

  • Scratch resistant lenses for children and active people
  • Anti-static lenses for people who work with their hands or who want to avoid fingerprints
  • Water resistant lenses for people who live in a rainy climate
  • Blue-light glasses for people who work at the computer daily

For Work

Regardless of if you work at a desk or work with your hands, Hakim Optical has different glasses and lens coatings to suit your needs. If you work in an office, then you may be interested in our blue light blocking lens coatings that help reduce screen glare and computer-based headaches. If you work on a job site that requires safety glasses and PPE, Hakim Optical offers prescription safety glasses so you don’t have to worry about wearing protective glasses over your regular pair.

For Play

Do you like to scuba or snorkel in the summer, or perhaps snowboard or ski during the winter? Are you someone who likes to hit the court for basketball or dodgeball? Hakim Optical is proud to offer prescription lenses for ski goggles, scuba masks and sport safety glasses for activities like volleyball, basketball, and squash. See clearly without the hassle of contacts, and feel comfortable wearing your goggles while you’re enjoying your favourite activity, regardless of what it is.

Your glasses should be as unique as you are!
visit a Hakim Optical near you to find the perfect pair of glasses for you.

Hakim Optical has been providing Canadians with quality corrective lenses at a value that can’t be beat for over 55 years. Our knowledgeable staff and optometrists are here to help you find an eyewear solution tailored specifically to you.

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