The Importance of Proper Reading Glasses

As we age, especially over the age of forty, the lenses in our eyes become more rigid, leading to difficulty seeing when transitioning between near and far vision. This causes your eyes to gradually lose the ability to see things clearly up close, resulting in presbyopia or age-related farsightedness. This is why so many of us begin to need reading glasses as we age.

While it can be a pain to have to commit to wearing reading glasses throughout the day (especially if you’re not used to wearing them), reading glasses are a necessary part of eye health for those who need to wear them. Here’s why.

Improve Your Ability to Read and Perform Detailed Tasks

If you’ve become used to being farsighted over the years, you may not even notice how your eyesight has declined, and you may be used to working harder to read and perform small tasks. However, you may be surprised how much you’ve been missing out on when you try on a proper reading glasses prescription. All of a sudden, your ability to read, perform small tasks, and see up close will improve, and this can make you feel like a million bucks!

Protect Your Eyes from Damage

It can be understood that many people who need reading glasses after not using glasses for most of their lives would be hesitant to wear them. However, it’s very important that you take your need for reading glasses seriously and wear them when necessary. The most important reason why you should wear them as prescribed is that you can damage your eyes further by failing to do so. When you choose not to wear glasses when you need them, you’ll be further straining your eyes and you may worsen your eyesight as a result. By wearing your reading glasses, you’re taking care of your eye health and taking care of yourself.

Signs You May Need Reading Glasses

It’s important for adults under the age of 65 to schedule an eye exam at least once every two to three years and for adults over the age of 65 to schedule an eye exam once annually. If you find yourself wondering if you may need reading glasses, then you should make an appointment for an eye exam as soon as possible.

Signs that you may need reading glasses include:

  • You’re holding books, magazines, and letters close to your face to read
  • You find yourself squinting while reading
  • You’re constantly turning on lights to read
  • Your vision is blurry
  • Reading gives you a headache
  • Your eyes are sore or feel strained after reading, sewing, or performing physically small tasks

Thinking you may need reading glasses?

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