Y2K Era Glasses

Ready or not, the early 2000s are back! Glitter, low-rise jeans, chunky highlights, and hot pink are making a resurgence in modern fashion and we couldn’t be more excited. As Hakim Optical has provided Canadians with fashionable glasses for over fifty-five years, we know precisely which glasses were big twenty years ago and how to recreate that style with the modern frames we sell today! Ready to incorporate the beauty of the Y2K era in your glasses? Here’s where to start!


A great place to start when replicating the Y2K era fashion in your glasses is with beautiful and feminine colour. With the early 2000s came an unyielding love for purples and pinks, both pastel and vibrant. These West tinted sunglasses are a great example of how you can incorporate Y2K into your wardrobe through sassy and beautiful colour-tinted lenses. Whether it’s a beautiful pastel purple tint like these or a stunning and loud hot pink tint, you can feel great in them knowing that you’re channelling your inner 2000s princess!

Tor Marine

While on one side of the coin, Y2K era fashion brought hyper-femininity to our everyday wardrobes, it also brought hyper-masculinity. Y2K fashion is not just for women, men can access their early-2000s aesthetic as well with rounded, traditionally-masculine lenses like these Tor Marine shades. Large lenses, thin frames, and mirrored or transitional tinting will always scream tough, structured, timeless, and Y2K.


Looking for something a bit sassier and really on-the-nose for the early 2000s? Go for a pair of glasses that go way over the top like these sexy pink/purple panda frames! Not only do the Panda shades have stunning tinted lenses that are so indicative of the times, but they also are adorned with thin, feminine golden frames with tiny intricate detail. These Panda glasses are very clearly pulled from the country-glam influence of the Y2K era and are a great way to pay homage to the incredible female country scene of 2000 through 2010.


Channel the early 2000s club scene with these incredible aviator-style sunglasses! These Nack glasses bring us right back to Y2K nights out with friends where mystery and anonymity were totally the vibes! With these stunning gradient lenses and beautiful red-to-gold frames, you can look stylish and on-trend whether you’re enjoying a sunny day or dancing with your friends at night. Take these frames as a modern twist on Y2K fashion and enjoy the beauty of right now and the fashion of yesteryear blended seamlessly together.

ICB Marine

If you want to represent the early 2000s by adding a subtle nod with your glasses, these ICB Marine frames are exactly what you’re looking for. Add a touch of Y2K to your wardrobe without going overboard with this beautiful blue and gold take on the classic turtle shell frames. Teal and gold had a real hold on fashion in the early 2000s: they went well together and matched any skin tone beautifully. In 2022, these glasses will look great on anyone who chooses to wear them, allowing you to nod to this era of fashion while still keeping a modern look.

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