Driving Glasses

Whether it’s driving to work, running errands, dropping the kids off at school, going out early in the morning, heading west at sunset, driving in the dark or during all sorts of weather, for most Canadian adults driving is a big part everyday life. Poor eyesight can significantly reduce your safety while driving on the road, which is why it’s not only important to wear your glasses while driving but also to wear the proper glasses and lenses to ensure your safety. Here’s what you should know about what glasses are the right choice when driving.

Properly Fitted Frames

You can’t drive properly and safely if your glasses are sliding down your nose or even falling off! A great way to ensure that your glasses are a good choice for driving is to make sure they fit your face properly and can stay in place without assistance. When choosing your frames, make sure to take the time to test to see if they stay up properly, and once your glasses are fitted with lenses, make sure to have your optician adjust them properly to your face.

Photochromic Sunglasses

While driving during the day, it can be really easy to become distracted by the sun in your eyes. But many drivers don’t want to have to continuously switch from their regular glasses to sunglasses while driving as this poses its own set of risks. Photochromic lens

sunglasses are perfect driving glasses because they react to ultraviolet (UV) rays in sunlight to automatically adjust, allowing you to see clearly in the morning, afternoon, and evening without switching frames.

Anti-Static Lenses

Seeing clearly is the most important part of driving safely. It can be very difficult to see clearly and without distraction if your glasses are smudged, dirty, or dusty. If you drive a lot, we recommend that you invest in anti-static lens coatings for your frames, as these are dirt and spot repellent, keeping your glasses clearer for longer.

Neutral Lens Colours

While funky pink, purple, or blue lenses can be really stylish and fun, while driving it’s important to have a clear and undistorted view of the world around you. If you’re wearing sunglasses while driving, make sure to wear neutral-toned lenses like brown, grey, or black instead of a wild tint like pink or orange.

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