Computer Glasses

For many Canadians in countless lines of professions, working at the computer is a regular part of their day. While in many ways, the use of computers in the workplace has made our lives significantly easier, there are some downsides like a strain on your body and your eyes. If you work at the computer all day and you need glasses to keep up and reduce strain on your eyes, here are some available solutions through Hakim Optical.


Some Canadians may need help seeing both near and far, especially when focusing on the small text on their computer screen. Instead of carrying one pair of glasses for computer work and another for seeing whiteboards and talking to coworkers, you may want to invest in bifocal glasses. That way, half of the lens is magnified and the other half is your regular prescription, allowing you to focus both near and far without switching your frames.

Anti-Glare Lenses

If you spend the majority of your work day on the computer, you may have noticed that the glare from the computer can obstruct your vision if you’re wearing glasses. Anti-glare (or anti-reflective) glasses are a great option for office workers as they reduce the amount of reflective light entering your eyes and bouncing off of your glasses and causing a distraction while you’re trying to be productive.

Blue Light

Blue light glasses are another option for those who work at the computer the majority of the day. They help to reduce the strain on your eyes as you work at the computer, and some blue light glasses-wearers have experienced a reduction in computer-related headaches while wearing them. Blue light lenses can be fitted to any pair of glasses and can potentially be the right option for you!

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