Are Computer Glasses Worth It?

Are Computer Glasses Worth It?

There has been a significant increase in questions about computer glasses in the last few years. Also referred to as blue-light or blue-light blocking lenses, this type of eyewear helps combat some of the negative effects of digital screens.

What is Blue Light?
Although blue light is all around us (the sun emits it), it’s been a topic of increasing concern as we rely more and more on digital devices. Televisions, phones, computers and tablets all give off blue light and as people spend more time in front of screens there is an increase in complaints about digital eye strain and trouble falling asleep.

How Can Computer Glasses Help?
Blue-light blocking glasses prevent blue light waves from reaching your eyes. Lenses with this special coating filter that specific wavelength, which can help reduce digital eye strain and prevent sleeping issues if you’re using a digital device before going to sleep.

Our blue shield/filter comes in two types.
In the first, the active chemical is mixed within the body/matrix of the lens prior to grinding the prescription. This method provides maximum protection and can also be used on plano (non-prescription) lenses.

The second type of blue filter is achieved by the application of a multi-layered coating on the surface of the lens.

Are Computer Glasses Worth It?
If you spend a significant amount of time in front of a computer (or any other type of screen) and find you’re suffering from tired eyes or are complaining of eye strain, you could benefit from the use of blue-light blocking glasses. An optician can discuss the advantages of computer glasses and answer any questions you may have.

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