Benefits of Revo Lenses

Benefits of Revo Lenses

In 1985, a NASA optical engineer— Dr. Mitch Ruda—decided to use the coating that was protecting satellites on a pair of eyeglasses. He thought if the coating could keep satellites safe from radiation, it could also protect a person’s vision from harmful UV rays.1 This experiment in 1985 launched what would later be known as Revo lenses.

What Makes Revo Lenses Special?
These NASA-based lenses are made of extremely lightweight polycarbonate and have a number of unique coatings applied to both the front and back of the lens. These coatings help protect and enhance vision. On the front of the lens, there is a coating to repel oil and fingerprints in addition to a mirror coating and polarized film. On the back of the lenses, there is a back-surface protection coating, which helps prevent reflection and a hydrophobic coating that can repel water and sweat.

The unique combination of coatings means that Revo lenses can protect eyes and vision from the blue light emitted from digital screens, harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun and the glare created when sunlight reflects off of the road or water.

Revo currently offers seven different lenses. From the Graphite lens for everyday use to the Blue Water that is ideal for bright conditions on the water. All Revo lenses block 100% of UVA, UVB, and UVC light and have 99% polarized lens efficiency

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