Best Eyeglasses for the Summer

Best Eyeglasses for the Summer

Many people don’t realize that the same pair of glasses that they wear during the winter, might not be the best eyeglasses for the summer months. The type of frame, lens and even lens coating might need to be adjusted based on your lifestyle and specific needs.

Glasses are more than just corrective eyewear. For many people, their glasses become a part of their personal style and it makes sense to have different frames for different seasons. Some people fall in love with one type of frame and decide to change the colour for a new season, while others choose a completely different shape. The choice is up to you!

There are a variety of lenses available and choosing the right one will depend on your needs and lifestyle. An optician has the knowledge and experience to discuss all the different options and outline the benefits of having a lens specific for each season.

Lens Coating
The best eyeglasses for the summer are the ones that have the right coating. For example, a person that spends the winter working on a computer indoors would benefit from a blue light reduction coating. However, that same person might spend the summer outside boating, where a polarized coating is needed.

Don’t rely on the same pair of glasses all year long. Stop by your local Hakim Optical location and speak with an in-store optician about the options available for summer and the best eyeglasses for your needs.

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