Different Lens Coating Options for Prescription Glasses

Different Lens Coating Options for Prescription Glasses

Glasses are highly customizable because you can mix-and-match frames, lenses and coatings to build the perfect pair for your needs. Lens coatings can make a big difference in your vision and you can tailor lenses by adding multiple coatings.

Scratch Resistant Coating – Adds an extra layer of protection to your lenses.

Anti-Reflective Coating – Helps prevent back-glare—light bouncing back into the eye from the back of the lens.

Mirror Lens Coating – Applied to the front of lenses to reflect light, causing the lenses to appear as a mirror.

Anti-Static Coating – Will attract less dirt and help keep lenses cleaner.

Water Repellent – Allows water droplets to run off the lenses helping to clear up vision in less-than-ideal conditions. Also provides protection again fingerprint smudges.

UV Protection Coating – Protects eyes and vision from harmful ultraviolet rays. Some lenses like polycarbonate and Trivex provide complete UV protection without any additional coating.

Tints and Colours – Lenses can also be tinted or coloured to block certain colours from passing through the lenses.

Blue Light Reduction Lens Coating – A popular tint that can reflect the blue light emitted from digital devices, helping reduce eye strain and eye fatigue.

Navigating the different options can be confusing, but that’s why every Hakim Optical location has an in-store optician. All of our opticians are licensed and can provide expert advice on lens coatings to help you choose the right option for your new prescription glasses.

Stop by your local Hakim Optical location to find your next pair of prescription glasses.

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