What Goes into Making Lenses? Your Lens Experts Explain

What Goes into Making Lenses? Your Lens Experts Explain

All aspects of Hakim Optical eyeglasses are critically important to the customers’ vision and ability to see comfortably. Making lenses themselves require extensive detail in manufacturing to produce the finest results that make each pair of eyeglasses perfect. As your lens experts, Hakim Optical puts the highest standard of workmanship behind every lens we create to ensure you are always receiving top of the line eyeglasses for all of your vision needs.

For Hakim Optical, making lenses begins with premium raw materials. In last week’s blog post, we briefly mentioned the advantage of choosing plastic versus glass lenses. Plastic lenses are superior due to their multitude of benefits, including safety, comfort and feasibility. It is the best material in regards to dispersion value, which is what the lens does to break up light into its components to let you see. As your lens experts, we proudly use only the very best products when making lenses, referred to as “first grade” materials by reputable companies like PPG.

Having experience with the latest equipment available is essential to producing optimum prescription lenses. Hakim Optical has the resources to provide our customers with the latest technology in lens manufacturing while also offering a reasonable price, simply because our company started out as a lens manufacturer!

What does force higher costs in lens manufacturing, however, are the many steps that go into making lenses that involve disposable parts. These parts need to be replaced each time we make new lenses, which increases costs.

One of Hakim Optical’s manufacturing labs is Satisloh Labs. At our labs, we achieve a precision of 1/1000 of a millimeter when making lenses in comparison to other brand labs’ precision of 1/10 of a millimeter! It is also here that we manufacture our lenses according to your doctor’s specifications and add anything extra you may choose, like special coatings. Some of the features available to add when making lenses include:

  • Blue Shield Protection Coating: to reduce the harmful blue light glare from our technology that strains our eyes.
  • Photochromic Coating: which helps to adjust and reduce migraine triggers.
  • Anti-Reflective Coating: that enhances your vision and can reduce from 82% to 99.4% of ghost imaging and other internal reflections of the lens that add to eye fatigue.

One of the machines we use to manufacture lenses is the Bisphera-XDD.

We even create prescription lenses for a specific use, like:

  • Special sunglasses created specifically for golf or snowmobiling or skiing.
  • Goggles for scuba diving or swimming.
  • Safety eyewear for industrial work or at home renovations or even electrical work.
  • Glasses for sports like squash, hockey, and more!

We believe in providing our customers with the best quality lenses. You can trust us that we will never fall back on your expectation and allow you to go home and adapt to poor quality lenses!

To learn more about Hakim Optical and what we offer as your lens experts, visit any of our locations across Canada today.