Hakim Optical’s Cyber Monday Sale

Hakim Optical’s Cyber Monday Sale

For one week only, Dec 2nd – 8th 2019, you can upgrade your lenses with blue-shield protection for FREE on any pair of glasses.

This limited-time promotion can be used in conjunction with our Black Friday extended sale of 80% off all Hakim Designer frames!

What is Blue Light?
Digital devices such as televisions, phones, computers and tablets all give off blue light and as we spend more time in front of screens, there is an increase in complaints about digital eye strain and trouble falling asleep from blue light.

We create special blue light blocking lenses where an active chemical is mixed within the body/matrix of the lens prior to grinding the prescription, providing maximum protection against blue light.

Know the facts:

Did you know that Hakim Optical Provincially Licensed Dispensing Opticians only recommend products to consumers that meet Canadian standards? Licensed Opticians are considered a branch of health care and must annually update their knowledge with the latest and the best technologies as it is required from all Canadian healthcare professionals. Hakim Optical follows the recommendations of the Canadian Association of Optometrists, Canadian Ophthalmological Society for products that enhance Canadian eye health.

Present the following coupon in-store to take advantage of this free, blue-light blocking lens upgrade.

Promotion only valid December 2nd -8th, 2019

Don’t miss your chance to upgrade lenses with blue-light protection.

Stop by any one of our locations to take advantage of our Cyber Monday special!

We are committed to providing our customers with fast and simple solutions to their eyewear needs. Our expert staff, one-hour laboratories and low prices combine for the complete shopping experience.

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