How Technology Affects Vision

How Technology Affects Vision

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Did you know that Hakim Optical Provincially Licensed Dispensing Opticians only recommend products to consumers that meet Canadian standards? Licensed Opticians are considered a branch of health care and must annually update their knowledge with the latest and the best technologies as it is required from all Canadian healthcare professionals. Hakim Optical follows the recommendations of the Canadian Association of Optometrists, Canadian Ophthalmological Society for products that enhance Canadian eye health.

It seems like we’re all spending more time in front of digital devices. Whether it’s working on a computer at work or school, using a smartphone to stay connected with family and friends, or relaxing after a long day in front of the television, it’s estimated that Canadians spend an average of 11 hours per day looking at a digital screen.1

Spending that much time in front of screens can negatively affect vision by causing eye strain, dry eyes and tension headaches.

When concentrating on a screen, we tend to blink less. This can contribute to both eye strain and dry eyes, which can be extremely uncomfortable. Many people also report that they experience tension headaches as a result of exposure to bright screens and the high-contrast between text and background colours.

Protect Your Vision
It’s always recommended to take regular breaks throughout the day from all digital screens. Following the 20-20-20 rule can help: every 20 minutes, look at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds.

You can also change the colour settings on devices to Night Mode, which often has a softer contrast.

It’s also important to book regular eye exam appointments and address any issues you’re experiencing from technology and digital screens. Your eye doctor can provide more specialized advice and recommend the use of blue light blocking lenses.

Hakim Optical offers a full range of services to keep your eyes healthy. Most of our retail locations have independent Eye Exam Centres, which offer comprehensive eye and vision exams. There are also licensed opticians in every store that can help you find the best lenses and coatings to protect your eyes from technology and digital screens.

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