Sunglasses don’t just look great, they’re also necessary all year-round to protect your eyes from the sun!


At Hakim Optical, we carry a wide variety of stylish frames in every shape and colour to fit your personality, your sense of fashion, and your lifestyle. From trend-setting frames to sports and cycling glasses, we have what you need to feel great in your sunnies no matter what you’re up to! 

Tints And Lens Coatings

In order to make your sunglasses work for you, you need to first be equipped with the right lenses. When it comes to lens tints and coatings, we have a variety of options to choose from, so you’re bound to find the right choice for you.

For Glasses Tints, we offer several options including mirrored, self-tinting, and polarized lenses. Our expert opticians are happy to help you choose the best style of eyewear for your lifestyle and your sense of fashion. 

For Lens Coatings, we offer several options including anti-static, anti-reflection, water-resistant, and scratch-resistant lens coatings that offer benefits depending on how you lead your life and which activities you use your glasses for.


Sunglasses are necessary for eye protection regardless of the season. As harmful UV rays continue to affect our eyes throughout the year, wearing protective eyewear will help you avoid strain on your eyes and even sunburns on your cornea.

Driving, playing sports, or working outside can pose a significant threat to your vision and the overall health of your eyes, so regardless of if you have a prescription for glasses or not, there are sunglasses designed for both active lives and fashion statements to help protect your vision.

Prescription And Non-Prescription Lenses 

Hakim Optical sunglasses are not just for customers with prescription glasses. We offer an array of stylish, functional, and high-quality glasses that can be fitted with both prescription and non-prescription lenses. Regardless of if you have a glasses prescription, if you’re looking for trendy, durable, and fitted eyewear, Hakim Optical has you covered.

Here are just a few of the many fabulous and functional styles that you can find at your local Hakim Optical!

*Glasses online are only a selection of frames available – not every frame is available in each store.


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