What are Plano Lenses?

What are Plano Lenses?

Plano lenses are just lenses for glasses that have no prescription (power of zero). They are used when people only need correction in one eye, for those that want to wear glasses for cosmetic reasons and to provide the benefit of a lens coating even if a person doesn’t need corrective eyewear.

It’s not uncommon for someone to only need correction for one eye. When this happens, the dispensing optician will put in a high-quality plano lens that will not negatively affect the person’s eyesight but will also not be noticeably different to other people.

Another use of plano lenses is when a person wants to wear glasses only for cosmetic reasons. Glasses have become an important fashion accessory and there are many people that wear them that need absolutely no sight correction. If you’re considering wearing glasses with no-prescription, it’s important you still buy them from a licensed optical store that uses high-quality plano lenses because demo lenses can actually hurt your vision and eyes.

Some lens coatings are extremely beneficial, even for people that have perfect eyesight. For example, a blue-light coating can help reduce eye strain and fatigue for someone that works with a computer and UV coating can help protect vision from the sun’s harmful rays.

If you don’t need corrective eyewear, but still want to wear glasses, make sure you use plano lenses in your frames. Any reputable optical location will be able to provide you with high-quality plano lenses and ensure that your glasses fit properly and fit your specific needs.

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