Optimize Your Eyewear with Lens Coatings

Glasses aren’t what they used to be. No, literally, most glasses aren’t made with glass lenses anymore.

The lenses being used in glasses today are mainly made a variety of lightweight plastics to accommodate better safety and the high demand for stylish, yet provide comfortable glasses. This is all well and good, but naturally the plastic lenses aren’t exactly the most durable. They are inherently much less scratch resistant and its surfaces are more prone to wear and tear damaged than their glass counterparts… unless you add protective lens coatings that is.

There are many different protective lens coatings available to fit all Hakim Optical frames. They not only provide increased durability, but can also improve the overall performance of your lenses.

A Scratch Resistant Coating (SRC) is only the start to preserving your lenses, but not the end. Storing your glasses in an adequately cushioned container will help prevent damages beyond normal wear and tear, and cleaning the lenses using the proper procedure and technique – rinse with appropriate cleaning solution then drying the lens surfaces with a microfiber cloth – will prevent commonly self-induced scratches.

To furthermore improve the performance of your lenses, look no further than an Anti-Reflective Coating (ARC). By reducing internal reflection (ghost imaging) and increasing the light transmission of the lenses by an additional 10% can help activities such as driving at night or working under florescent lighting, especially while staring at a computer screen, this coating relieves a great deal of unwanted stress from your eyes allowing you to be more comfortable and productive when wearing your glasses. Incoming blinding headlights can even make it dangerous to drive at times as they can momentarily impair your vision – who knew your glasses could keep you safe!

Another form of applicable coating you can add to your lenses is a tint-filter. Different tint colour filters can help provide additional comfort and visual acuity under different form of lighting and offer an additional personal touch to your glasses that will allow them to offer an enhanced performance and fashionable look. Photochromic (self-adjusting tinted lenses) such as “Transitions” may be considered for further lens performance optimization under lighting conditions.

All of these coatings can work in conjunction with each other, so if you are looking for stylish, comfortable, and durable eyewear, don’t forget the lens coatings!