Lens Coatings

Many of us wear our glasses every day; we wear them throughout our workday, when we’re out on a walk, when we’re driving, and when we’re reading in bed. As unique individuals with unique schedules, hobbies, and duties, it doesn’t make sense for everyone to have the same functional lenses in their glasses. Personalizing your lens coatings in order to tailor your glasses to your specific needs will not only prolong the life of your glasses but will also ensure that your glasses serve you to the best of their ability. At Hakim Optical, we have an array of unique and accommodating lenses for your specific needs!

What Are Lens Coatings?

The function of lens coatings is described quite literally in its name! A lens coating is a finishing coat that works with your lenses to enhance their ability to help you see, or to accomplish daily tasks. A lens coating may take the form of an anti-reflection, a water-resistant finish, or even a scratch-resistant surface. At Hakim Optical, we believe anyone can find a coating that will benefit their needs and lifestyle.

What’s The Right Lens Coating for Me?

If you’re considering adding a lens coating to your next pair of glasses, you may be wondering where to start, and what lens coating is right for you. Fortunately, our dedicated and knowledgeable technicians can walk you through your options in-store, but for the time being, we’ve also compiled this brief list of suitable options! 

Woman with sunglasses lens coating outdoors in the spring.


If you spend a lot of time on the computer you should consider getting a pair of glasses with an anti-reflective coating! An anti-reflective lens coating can significantly reduce the strain on your eyes that you may experience by working on a computer by removing glare and reflections, helping your eyes focus directly on your work. 

If you live in an area with lots of rainy weather you might want to consider getting an oil or water-repellent lens coating! Water, thumb smudges, and other debris that may touch your face throughout the day will not stick to your glasses and impair your vision when you have oil and water-repellent lenses. 

If you live an active lifestyle your best bet is to try our scratch-resistant lenses. All of our children’s lenses are equipped with an anti-scratch coating because children tend to be active and rambunctious; if you too enjoy running, climbing, or playing sports, definitely save your glasses from any potential damages with anti-scratch lenses! Remember scratch resistance is not scratch-proof!

If you work with your hands you should consider trying a pair of anti-static lenses! Whether you craft, woodwork, sew, or hike, anti-static lenses will keep any debris from the air or from your activities off of your glasses to make sure you can see (and work) your best!


If you spend most of your summer outdoors a great option to protect your eyes would be out mirrored lens coating. Mirrored lenses will reflect light away from your eyes rather than absorbing it, this means that if you spend a lot of time outside in the sun, you can still see perfectly fine! 

If you spend half of your time indoors and the other half outdoors you definitely need a pair of our self-tinting lenses. With self-tinting lenses, you can wear just one pair of glasses inside and outside with no issues trying to adjust your eyes to the light! Self-tinting lenses will darken or lighten depending on the number of UV rays they’re exposed to, making sure that you can always see perfectly and feel protected no matter where you are! ( Not recommended for driving)

If you drive often in the summer you should consider getting yourself a pair of stylish polarized lenses. Polarized lenses will block light coming through to your eyes from a certain angle, meaning they reduce glare, and allow you to see as you traverse the roads without having to play with your sun visor.  


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