Life Through My Eyes

At Hakim Optical, we’ve been providing Canadians with glasses, sunglasses, and contact lenses that meet their needs, lifestyle, and personal activity Since 1967.

Through the years, we’ve become a household name in Canada and have supported generations of people of all ages and backgrounds with eyecare services. Nothing exemplifies our relationship with Canadians better than our Life Through My Eyes series in which our customers share their story, their ambitions, and their ideas with all of Canada.

Continue to follow our Life Through My Eyes series to learn more about your fellow Canadians, their goals, dreams, influences, and stories. We want nothing more than to create a supportive and unique network of Canadians across the country who are connected by resilience, respect, and diversity. 

With all of our hearts, we thank you for enjoying and supporting our  Life Through My Eyes series, the individuals who are showcased, and our team of producers. Stay tuned for more unique stories and perspectives from Canadian eyeglass-wearers all over the country.

Hakim Optical video series sharing stories and passions of people in Canada – See life through my eyes.