Eye Health


While we at Hakim Optical pride ourselves on offering affordable and stylish glasses to Canadians, the most important part of wearing glasses and getting your eyes examed are the eye health benefits that come along with them. Eye health can at times be seen as mysterious or scary, when in reality taking care of your eyes is just as important as taking care of the rest of your body and can be done by just being a bit more conscious and a bit more knowledgeable. 

Allergies and Eye Health

Many Canadians struggle with allergies throughout the year, and this can heavily affect their eyes. If you’re experiencing allergies that make your eyes red, irritated, itchy, swollen, or watery, it can affect your vision and your overall comfort. There are several ways to mitigate the effects of allergies and their impact on your eyes’ health like avoiding touching them, keeping your hands clean and wearing protective glasses.

Protect your eyes during allergy season.

Contact Lens Best Practices 

Contact lenses continue to be a great alternative for those who need corrective eye care but don’t wish to wear glasses every day. While we offer the best possible quality contact lenses at Hakim Optical, a big part of eye care and safety is how you take care of them yourself. If you’re new to contact lens care or you need a refresher on how to best use them, we have the necessary safety tips and information available.

Contact lens safety and eyecare.

Diabetes and Other Diseases

While most people understand the benefits of regular eye exams as keeping their prescription up to date and checking for common eye conditions like cataracts and corneal damage, it’s less common knowledge that eye exams can actually be the first indication of diseases like diabetes. Early signs of diabetes often show in damaged blood vessels in the eyes, which means regular eye exams can be beneficial to not only your eye health but your overall body’s health and care.

Regular eye exams and early disease detection. 

Dry Eyes

Many of us will experience dry eyes in our day-to-day lives whether it comes from too much screen time, allergies, dry air, or a myriad of other causes. When you experience dry eyes it can be very difficult to focus and very tempting to rub your eyes with your hands. Fortunately, there are many healthy ways to both treat and prevent dry eyes to help you feel as comfortable and healthy as possible.

Dry eyes and how to prevent them.

Eye Exams

It’s likely that you’ve had an eye exam or two during your lifetime, and we’re sure you’ll have many more. If you’ve ever wondered what exactly goes into a regular eye exam and how it can help your overall health, we’ve got you covered. Take the time to learn about how often you should get an eye exam, why they’re important, and what takes place during the exam itself so you have the knowledge you need to take care of your eyes!

The importance of eye exams & eye health. 

Healthy Eating 

Eating healthy food is a great way to keep your body healthy and in shape, and your eyes are no different! Of course, we’ve all heard that carrots are good for our eyes, but do you know why? And did you know that leafy greens and oranges are also great for the health of your eyes? Find out more about what foods are going to help you see and feel better and why they should be a part of your regular diet!

Healthy eating and how it can benefit your eyesight. 

Medication and Your Eye Health

Different types of medication–both over the counter and prescription–can have negative effects on your eyesight and eye health. While many people don’t know this, it’s important to understand how and why certain medications can affect your eyes to have a better understanding of the potential risks of certain drugs. Communicating with your doctor and your pharmacist is a great start because your questions and concerns are valid.

Did you know medication can potentially affect your eyesight? 

Safety Glasses

While everyone knows that Hakim Optical provides contact lenses and glasses for regular use, not everyone knows that we also offer prescription safety glasses. Prescription safety glasses are a great benefit to professionals who work in fields like construction, cleaning, science, and mechanics and help with the overall comfort and safety of the professionals who wear them.

Prescription safety glasses and how they can benefit you.