Lens Guide

When choosing your glasses, a crucial yet sometimes overlooked detail involves the style of your lenses. Lenses are just as (if not more) important than the frame and fit of your glasses, but sometimes they’re mistaken for a boring yet necessary detail; well, at Hakim Optical we think that not only are lenses essential, they can also be quite interesting and helpful.

By choosing the right lenses for your glasses, you can significantly improve your quality of vision and quality of life. We want our customers to be prepared when choosing lenses, which is why we’ve come up with this handy lens guide! 

Task-Specific Lenses

Are you a reader? A Computer game connoisseur? An avid lover of driving? Task-specific lenses will help you perform your daily hobbies and responsibilities by being specially crafted to improve your vision for whatever you most enjoy doing. From reading to sports glasses, this lens guide will ensure that you’re ready to do what you love!

Computer Glasses

Best for: Individuals who wear progressives/bifocals and spend a lot of time with computers and digital screens.

Progressive lenses have three vision zones: Far (straight ahead), Near (just below midline) and Close (lowest part of your lenses). However, if you’re working at the computer all day long, you may be finding yourself keeping your head tilted back so that you can clearly see out of the lower levels of your glasses! Not so comfortable – and you may find yourself with neck and eyestrain. Out of all of our lens guide suggestions, computer glasses are the most important for those who work in an office or spends a majority of their day on the computer. 

Computer Glasses are designed so the widest area of vision is for near (about 8 feet – walking around, being seated in a boardroom etc) and close up (computer work). These vision zones can be customized to your individual needs, but the most popular are:

  1. Very Close – Reading – with the largest vision area focusing on reading.
  2. Very Close/Close – Computer/Desk work – Best for those spending most of their time at a computer/reading books or digital devices
  3. Close/Room – Ideal for those who work both at a computer screen and walk around a room (for example, an automobile showroom).

Driving Lenses

Best for: Everyday Wear, Low Light and Night Driving

Those driving at night can relate: The almost blinding glare from oncoming headlights can make it difficult to see the road ahead – not so safe! Clearer, safer, more comfortable vision is yours with Driving Lenses that reduce glare from streetlights and oncoming headlights in low light and night conditions. If you’re a truck driver, a bus driver, or in any field of transportation, this lens guide suggestion is for you.

How it works: A high-tech clear, colourless coating is applied to your lenses that reduce glare from streetlights and oncoming headlights. And since it’s crystal clear, you won’t even notice it in your regular day-to-day activities.

Sport Lenses (Wrap Arounds)

Best for: Outdoor sporting activities; those with special vision needs ie high prescription, certain eye conditions.

Are you an avid cycler, outdoor sportsperson, tennis, volleyball or golf player? Then you’ll know how important it is not only to protect your eyes from all sides from sand, wind and dust – which wrap around glasses and lenses do extremely well. They do even more – the curved lenses are digitally cut to provide you with the sharpest vision available on the sides (periphery). Add your choice of Sunglass Coatings and your eyes will also have UV and bright light protection! If you’re an avid cyclist or you spend your summers outside playing sports, take this lens guide suggestion and feel more comfortable and confident doing what you love!

Reading Glasses

Best for: Those individuals that would like to add a pair of glasses to enable them to read up close.
These are task-specific glasses and are also ideal for those who wear contact lenses and need to periodically read or work at the computer. These are single-vision glasses optimized for one distance only.

Safety Glasses

We provide both prescription and non-prescription safety eyewear, and our prescription protective eyewear can be custom-made to fit your needs! Choose from frames made of plastic/polycarbonate, metal, or nylon, and lenses that are single vision, bifocal, trifocal, or progressive. This lens guide suggestion is crucial to ensuring those who need PPE on a regular basis at work or at home are safe and comfortable while enjoying their craft.

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