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Getting the first pair of glasses for yourself or your child can be overwhelming! Glasses, prescriptions, and the amazing things they can do are always evolving and becoming more advanced and sometimes it can feel as though you need to be an optometrist to understand all of it! At Hakim Optical, we know how important it is for customers to understand their own health, including their glasses and how they work, which is why we’ve set up a handy FAQ page to read through before your next visit!

What Happens During An Eye Exam?
Eyes are a very sensitive part of the body which is why we can sometimes be a bit nervous when coming in for our first eye exam. Sometimes it can really help to know what to expect! Basically, a routine eye exam is nothing to be afraid of; an optometrist will use lights, lenses, and visual reading tests to understand how your eyes work and if they can be improved. An eye exam is unobtrusive and painless, and usually takes just minutes to complete!

When Should I Get My Eyes Checked?
How often you should get your eyes checked is actually reliant on how old you are! Because one’s eyes don’t stabilize until about the age of twenty, it’s important for children and teens nineteen or younger to get their eyes checked once a year, preferably around back-to-school time to ensure they have the best eyesight for the new school year!

Once you’ve turned twenty and your eyes are more consistent, you can lower your frequency of eye exams to just once every two to three years, and individuals who are forty to sixty-four should get an eye exam around the same amount: every two years.

Once you’re over sixty-four, it’s important to revert back to when you were younger and get an eye exam every year, as after sixty-four your eyes may begin to decline.

Do Sunglasses Really Help Protect Me From The Sun?
Yes! The right pair of UV protection sunglasses will adequately protect your eyes from the sun. Did you know that eyes can get sunburned? It’s true! It’s very important to protect your eyes by wearing quality UV protection glasses, whether you prefer transition lenses, polarized lenses, or mirrored lenses, as long as they have proper protection, you will keep your eyes safe in the sun.

How Do I Pick The Right Pair Of Glasses?
There are many steps to picking the perfect pair of glasses for you from specific lens coatings to the best frames for your face shape. Hakim Optical has a phenomenal range of stylish and classic glasses that can suit anyone’s taste. Finding a stylish pair of glasses for your face shape is a great first start, and then you can choose if you want lenses that fit your lifestyle. Dust resistant, water repellent, and scratch-resistant are all very popular and functional options.

If you feel like it might be tricky to find the perfect pair of glasses for your face shape, you can trust one of our many knowledgeable associates who will help you find the right shape, colour, lenses, and style so you can feel confident and beautiful in your new glasses!

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