With over 140 store locations across Canada spanning several major cities, there’s always a Hakim Optical in a metropolitan area near you. Founded in 1967, Hakim Optical has been providing quality and affordable eye care and eyewear to Canadians for over fifty-five years and can be found in all the major cities including Toronto, Vancouver, Winnipeg, and Halifax.


If you’re living in Halifax and you’ve ever googled “eyeglasses in Halifax” or “eyeglasses near me” you’re in the right place. Hakim Optical has three unique locations throughout Halifax including The Halifax Shopping Centre, Mic Mac Mall, and Halifax Park Centre. Our Halifax locations are home to their own eye clinics, they offer one-hour service, and offer a one year guaranteed warranty on each pair of glasses.

Halifax Hakim Optical locations


Where is the best place to buy glasses in London? At one of the six Hakim Optical locations in the city! For years, Hakim Optical has been serving the community of London with excellent service and affordable designer frames. Whether you’re interested in prescription glasses, non-prescription glasses, sunglasses, or contact lenses, you can feel great knowing that the optometrists at several Hakim locations including on King Street, Wellington Road, and Masonville are eager to help you get started.

London Hakim Optical locations


The days of searching for “eyeglasses near me in Mississauga” are over because Hakim Optical has you covered with six locations throughout the city. From our location at Square One to Erin Mills Town Centre,  each location offers eye exams, one-hour service, and a guaranteed one-year warranty on glasses frames. Call, book an appointment, or stop by one of our Mississauga locations to start seeing more clearly today.

Mississauga Hakim Optical locations


Ottawa is arguably one of Canada’s most important and busiest cities, meaning the community needed several quality Hakim Optical locations to match. Currently, Ottawa has eight Hakim Optical Locations throughout the city including St. Laurent, Bank St., Carlingwood Shopping Centre, and Innes Road. The community of Ottawa can trust Hakim Optical to offer affordable and expert eye care and designer frames for both prescription and non-prescription lenses. Stop by one of the many locations today to find a pair of glasses that help you see perfectly and look great.

Ottawa Hakim Optical locations


Toronto is a stylish city full of cutting-edge fashion and personal expression. This is why, when Torontonians search “eyeglasses near me”, they want to find a store that offers stylish designer brands that’ll help to make a statement. Hakim Optical is the answer to the city’s stylish glasses needs with gorgeous designer frames from brands like Coach, Burberry, and Michael Kors. With eight individual locations throughout the city offering great frames, eye exams, and a one-year warranty on frames, Hakim Optical is the go-to location for Torontonians who wear glasses!

Toronto Hakim Optical locations


From West Broadway to Main Street, to King Edward Village, eye care and eyewear are covered in Vancouver through Hakim Optical’s seven locations. Feel great knowing that you can rely on one of many affordable and convenient eye care locations that offer designer frames, eye exams, one-hour service, and a one-year warranty on frames. Whether you’re looking for prescription lenses, non-prescription lenses, sunglasses, or contact lenses, you’re never far from the experts at Hakim Optical who are ready to help you.

Vancouver Hakim Optical Locations


Hakim Optical continues to serve the people of Windsor through our three individual locations throughout the city. Regardless of what you’re searching for, be it prescription glasses, non-prescription glasses, sunglasses, contact lenses, or work glasses, Hakim Optical has got you covered with affordable and stylish products and a one-year guaranteed warranty on frames. Visit one of our locations including St. Clair Beach and Tecumseh Road today.

Windsor Ontario Hakim Optical locations


Hakim Optical has matched the energy and go-getting attitude of the community of Winnipeg with eight individual Hakim locations! If you’re looking for “eyeglasses near me” in the city of Winnipeg, Hakim Optical has got you covered! From St. James’ Place to Southside Plaza, residents of Winnipeg can find affordable eye care and trendy eyewear that suits them and their day-to-day activities.

Winnipeg Hakim Optical Locations