Eye Safety

Proper protective eyewear is a key component of occupational safety. However, people who require prescription lenses tend to forego wearing safety glasses. This is because people are under the impression they have to try to fit their protective eyewear over their prescription eyeglasses. But that’s not the case! At Hakim Optical, you can get prescription protective eyewear. We use the latest lens technologies to bring you quality protective products, including safety glasses, goggles, and masks. Hakim also carries a range of non-prescription protective eyewear.  Proper eye protection is key to good eye safety!

Prescription Protective Eyewear

Wherever you work, whatever the safety hazards, Hakim takes care of your eyes. We have a variety of prescription protective eyewear, including glasses, goggles, and masks, to keep your eyes safe while you work. Our prescription protective eyewear can even be custom-made to fit your individual needs. You can choose whether to have your frames made of plastic/polycarbonate, metal or nylon. As well, we can fulfill lenses that are single vision, bifocal, trifocal, or progressive.

Prescription Safety Glasses

Safety glasses offer eye protection from dust, dirt, chips, and flying particles. Hakim Optical has a variety of practical yet stylish safety glasses that will fit your prescription. Whether you’re working at a construction site or in a lab, we can pop your prescription lenses into any pair of safety glasses frames you pick. 

Prescription Sport Safety Glasses

If you or your kids play sports, don’t forget to protect the eyes! You can get sports safety glasses for adults and children – both prescription and non-prescription – at Hakim Optical. While most sports don’t require that you wear sport safety glasses, it’s recommended that you do, as there are a number of sports-related eye injuries that occur every year. If you’re a parent, ensure your child wears protective eyewear when they play sports, and set a good example by wearing them yourself.

Prescription Safety Goggles

Safety goggles provide protection from the same dangers that safety glasses do, but they also protect your eyes from sparks, vapours, chemicals, ice, and snow. You don’t need to miss out on any fun because Hakim can place your prescription lenses into a pair of ski or swim goggles. We can even custom-make a prescription insert for your existing pair of safety goggles.

Prescription Scuba Masks

If you’ve missed the opportunity to go snorkelling or scuba diving because you require prescription glasses, you won’t have to again! That’s because Hakim Optical also offers snorkelling and scuba masks in a limited range of prescriptions. If this doesn’t work for you, we have the ability to put your prescription in a safety mask with an insert.

Non-prescription Protective Eyewear 

Hakim Optical doesn’t just carry prescription safety eyewear. We also carry non-prescription protective eyewear, including safety glasses and goggles. You can choose from frames made of plastic/polycarbonate, metal or nylon. Check out your local Hakim Optical store for in-store selection of non-prescription safety glasses and goggles.

Safety Glasses for Individuals

We offer prescription safety glasses, goggles, and masks for individuals across Canada. We’ve been dispensing prescription safety glasses for over 40 years. Hakim always aims to provide high-quality products at the most reasonable prices. All of our prescription safety lenses are processed in our labs using the latest lens technologies. If you don’t require a prescription but you need safety glasses for your job, Hakim has a selection of non-prescription safety glasses to choose from. 

Safety Glasses for Employers 

We don’t just provide individual prescription and non-prescription safety glasses. We also offer employers a reliable and trustworthy place to buy safety glasses in bulk for their employees. When you partner with Hakim, you’re partnering with a Canadian company with over 55 years of experience supplying quality frames and lenses for any situation. You can trust that Hakim will provide you and your employees with the most durable and reliable protective eyewear on the market. 

Your Safety Glasses Distributor 

Hakim Optical can be your safety glasses distributor. When you partner with Hakim Optical as your safety glasses distributor, we work with your business to create a prescription plan. Your employees can get their prescription eyewear from their local Hakim Optical store through this prescription plan. Businesses looking to partner with Hakim in this way can contact our head office to set up a prescription agreement or visit a local Hakim Optical near you to learn more!