Men’s Style Guide for Spring 2015

Eyeglasses are the perfect complement to any outfit. They can be the wrapping that puts everything together but could just as easily send the wrong message based on what environment you are in.

That’s why we have put together our 2015 Spring Style Guides. Here are our men’s picks:


TorrontesAlways in style. These frames are always trendy. Their rectangular frames and slightly curved tops fit most faces very well. The lightweight frames make for an extremely comfortable set of frames. They come in a neutral colour, which should go well with any outfit and any occasion.


LeonardoThe classic gentleman. These are made to mimic the vintage horn-rimmed style but with a modern twist. The metal used to construct a very thin frame allow a much lighter yet very durable frame that should last just as long as the style will (forever). The arms add a neutral, but unique accent to the frames that go well with a more finely dressed gentleman. The nose pads also provide additional comfort and opportunities to make adjustments so they fit just right.

Klear (Black)

KlearFresh cut fades. The fade from black to white on these gives the look of a classic horn rimmed frame, but they provide the fit of a more modern style. They are made from a very lightweight plastic and the smooth bridge can reduce pressure if you find nose pads uncomfortable. As everyone knows, black goes with everything. These glasses are very versatile and can fit any occasion, from everyday comfort to formal gathering.

Life (Black)

lifeThe progressive thinker. Wee-ooo you’re going to look just like Buddy Holly. Musicians, artists, and other progressive thinkers have brought these fashionable frames to the mainstream. Today, they are popular with people of all ages. These frames aren’t an accessory for an outfit… they are the outfit. Their black and sleek styling can be worn with anything from a t-shirt and shorts to a three-piece suit.

Never overlook the depth and sophistication that a nice pair of frames can add to an outfit. They will most likely be your most commonly worn item, so you better make sure you like them. The best way to ensure that you do, is to be comfortable. Comfort can provide you with the confidence that can set you apart in any crowd. That’s why we also provide a one-year frame guarantee on all of these frames.

A one-year frame guarantee covers any damage, even accidental. Click here for more details.

Stay tuned for our Women’s Style Guide for Spring 2015, next week on our blog!