Women’s Style Guide for Spring 2015

Spring is here! The days are longer, your allergies are acting up and you want to enjoy each day to the fullest. But spring brings on a wealth of eye care issues. Your contacts become irritated in allergy season, eyeglasses can get dirtier quicker and everyone has to worry about their new spring styles.

That’s why at Hakim Optical, we’ve created our Spring Style Guides for men and women. If you missed our Men’s Guide last week, click here to check it out. Here is our Women’s Style Guide for Spring 2015:

Klear (Brown)

WSG1Timeless trend. These frames are shaped like a classic horn rimmed frame, but have a much more modern feel. They are made from extremely lightweight plastics and without nose pads to provide optimal comfort and style. The fade from dark to light brown encourage a top to bottom read of your face, accentuating your eyes and commanding the room. These frames are suitable for professional, casual and any other environment you may find yourself in.

Life (Aqua)
WSG2Stand out. Let your presence be known with these loud frames. They are a contemporary style, turned up a notch with a colour that just screams spring. They will bring warmth to any outfit throughout the season while keeping you comfortable. The frame is made from a lightweight, smooth plastic that will allow you to forget they’re even on your face. Grab a pair of these for everyday use, now and throughout the warmer months.

WSG3A dazzling design. These rectangular frames are all business with a side of class, literally! From the front they’re all-black, very standard and professional frames. From the side, they are a sparkling set of frames that will allow you to stand out in any setting. The difficulty with these frames may be trying to find an outfit to wear without them, they’re comfortable, light and stylish, the perfect accessory to any ensemble.


WSG4Set the standard. These frames are extremely versatile, adapting to any occasion. Their rounded corners give a softer look to the traditional rectangular frame, putting the emphasis behind the glasses and onto your eyes. They are perfect for any minimalist who can see the beauty in the simplistic design. Their thin frames are very light, you’ll be so comfortable you’ll wear them everywhere you go. Whether it be the meeting of your career or a Sunday night in watching movies, these frames get the job done.

All of these frames are Hakim Designer frames and come with a one-year frame warranty that covers all damage, accidental or not. In addition to the warranty, you will receive one year of free adjustments and professional cleanings from your local Hakim Optical.

Now that you’re prepared to pick out your new frames, it’s on to the heart of the glasses, the lenses. You will have to choose your lens coating, the style of lens, the thickness and many other aspects of the most important part of your eyewear. Click here for a rundown of our lens coatings and what they offer.