Guide: Types of Lenses

When getting glasses, most of the focus is put on the frames and picking the right pair. However, it’s not quite as simple as getting the proper prescription and picking out a pair of glasses. There are different types of lenses available. Depending on your age and lifestyle, some will be better suited to you than others. 

Selecting the best lenses for your needs ensures you have a pair of glasses that suit you and work best for you. Read on to learn about the different types of lenses that are available to you.

Extra Thin Lenses – Ultra Light & Ultra-Thin

Our extra thin lenses are up to 60% thinner and lighter than regular plastic lenses. This means they can be more comfortable for some people. This is because thicker lenses can be very uncomfortable, especially in the middle for farsighted lenses and around the edges for near-sighted lenses. 

In general, a lighter lens will be more comfortable. They don’t slide around as much as thicker lenses, and they can help prevent those pressure marks on your nose. Plus, they lower the strain on the back of your ears, which can cause headaches. 

Thicker lenses are more likely to distort the images being corrected through your eyewear. And you might also find this cramps your style when you look through the other side of a thick corrective lens and your eyes are magnified.

They’re also scratch-resistant and have UV protection. 

Extra thin lenses are ideally suited for higher prescriptions or rimless and semi-rimless frames.

ViewMaster Computer Lenses

Since many of us spend so much time in front of screens on a daily basis, it’s important to think about the effect that has on our eyes. People who sit in front of a computer frequently might want to consider computer lenses. 

This is exactly what ViewMaster lenses are for. ViewMaster lenses are designed to provide optimal viewing at approximately 20 to 26 inches – which is the average distance between your eyes and the computer screen.

Our computer lenses are also thin, light, scratch-resistant, and have edge-to-edge clarity and UV protection. They are particularly recommended for people with strong prescriptions. 

Featherlite Unbreakables

As their name suggests, these lenses are thin, light and nearly unbreakable. Featherlite Unbreakables are ideal for children, active adults and people who utilize safety eyewear because they’re durable and practical. 

They’re also scratch-resistant and have 100% UV protection. They’re known for being the strongest lenses in the world. And since they’re so lightweight, they don’t slide down your face as much and won’t put so much pressure on your ears.

Instinctive Progressive Lenses

Instinctive Progressive Lenses make vision correction feel natural. They offer the latest technology and produce clear, uninterrupted vision at all distances.

If you’re looking for pure performance in your lenses, these will be a great fit for you. They’re high-performance yet elegant lenses. They perfectly balance performance with simplicity, which any glasses-wearer can appreciate.

High-Tech Photochromic Lenses

If you’re a busy person who moves from place to place, then Photochromic lenses might be best for your lifestyle. These dynamic lenses are designed to adjust automatically to any environment. This versatile corrective lens can be worn indoors and outdoors, without the need for sunglasses.

Indoors, the lenses are clear and tint-free to provide optimal clarity, and outside, they automatically tint to offer a more comfortable viewing experience, as well as UV protection. 

Basically, they’re two-in-one, working as regular eyeglasses and as sunglasses when you step outside. They’re available in both grey and brown tint options.

Xtreme Widefield Lenses

Xtreme Widefield lenses are designed to reduce distortion in your peripherals. This makes them ideal for an active lifestyle. Plus, they can also enhance your abilities in everyday activities, such as driving.

These lenses are lighter and designed for performance. However, due to their thin, flat shape, they will also maintain the natural look of your eyes. 

Xtreme Widefield lenses are highly recommended for higher-powered prescriptions.

Lens Coatings

On top of the various types of lenses, there are also different lens coatings. Lens coatings can provide a protective layer and help reduce glare on your new lenses. 

Click here to find out more about lens coatings.

Now that you have a better idea of what lens type is right for you, don’t forget to update your prescription. Having the proper prescription is the most important aspect of lens performance.

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