Buy prescription protective eyewear from Hakim Optical and receive free eyeglasses!

A common misconception with everyday glasses is that they can double as safety eyewear. This is incorrect.

Just because you’re wearing frames doesn’t mean they are protecting you. Most eyeglasses sit a little bit off of your face, leaving vulnerable gaps all around the glasses.

By using them as protective-wear you are not only risking your own safety, but the glasses can be damaged very easily. Flying debris can crack the lenses easily and any sparks or other type of heat source can melt or damage parts of the frames and lenses.

If you need protection, come to Hakim Optical and take advantage of our safety glasses promotion! With the purchase of any Hakim prescription safety eyewear, you’ll receive a free pair of eyeglasses.

Hakim Safety Canada has been dispensing safety eyewear for over 35 years. Our aim is to produce the highest quality products at the most reasonable price. To reach our goal, we import our frames directly from the manufacturer and process our own lenses eliminating the cost of middle man. As a large manufacturer of lenses we concentrate our effort on volume, thus reducing the cost to you!


These safety savings don’t just apply to adults, kids need protective glasses too. Every year high school and middle school students enroll in classes like woodshop, auto repair, tool and die and other potentially dangerous activities. Not only is it important that they wear safety glasses, they need to fit properly and allow them to see.

Safety eyewear comes with just as many options as other glasses.

Protective lenses are available in Single Vision, Bifocal, Trifocal and Progressive. The frames also have a wide selection of fits to make sure you are comfortable in your working environment. Frames come in plastic/polycarbonate, metal and nylon with regular hinges, spring hinges, metal-flex hinges and nylon hinges available for customization.

Consult your Hakim Optical eyewear expert for the best advice on what will meet you or your child’s needs!