Try Hakim Optical’s Featherlite Unbreakables Lenses

When looking for eyeglasses, most of your time is spent deciding on the frames and how your glasses will look, but rarely is enough thought put into the lenses.

As discussed in a prior week’s blog, the lenses are the most important part of your glasses.

Lenses are what will decide whether your glasses are for astigmatism, myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness) or weak zonules (difficulty focusing). Anyone that has ever put on someone else’s prescription glasses can tell you what a difference any of those can make.

This differentiation between styles of lenses doesn’t just apply to the prescription or the eye treatment, lenses can also be adapted to your lifestyle.

There are lenses designed for staring at screens, higher peripheral vision or even just to reduce weight, but the lenses we’re discussing today are the Featherlite Unbreakables. The strongest lenses in the world.

The name of these lenses speaks for itself. The Unbreakables lenses are designed for anyone who is interested in thin, lightweight and virtually unbreakable lenses (Yes, if Wile E. Coyote drops an anvil on them, there is a chance they could be damaged).

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t want that in a lens?

Everybody experiences their glasses sliding down their nose, pressing on the backs of their ears or even falling off their face at times. This can often be due to heavy lenses that are offsetting the balance in your glasses and weighing down the front half of them. So, say goodbye to heavy, uncomfortable eyewear once and for all!

Such a lightweight and durable lens is perfect for active adults, safety glasses or children’s glasses. Active adults are able to adapt to any situation without having to worry about their eyewear, children are less likely to accidentally damage their lenses and safety glasses…they’re unbreakable!

For the ultimate performance and comfort, they are also scratch resistant and have 100% UV protection.

With all of that said, the performance, comfort or other features that a lens may bring mean nothing if the prescription isn’t right. We highly recommend that you schedule regular eye exams. Even a prescription that is just slightly off can cause problems when your eyes are trying to focus, placing more stress on them and leading to more discomfort and headaches.

To schedule an eye exam today, click here.

After acquiring a new prescription, you’re well on your way to enjoying safety, peace of mind and comfort in a set of Featherlite Unbreakables lenses.