Are your glasses clean?

Cleaning your glasses is a never ending battle.

It often seems like the moment you remove your glasses from their case, they’re covered in dirt. To be fair, it’s not the glasses fault. Especially during the spring there is dirt and dust floating around everywhere, some of it is bound to end up on your glasses.

So, are your glasses ever really clean?

Unless you clean your lenses, arms, nose pads and every other nook and cranny on your frames daily, it’s unlikely. It’s difficult to get into many of these spots and to clean all of them will require some real patience.

That may be another reason that your glasses seem to get dirty so easily, they’re never clean!

That doesn’t mean you should start cleaning every part of your glasses right away, you need the proper materials. Cleaning your glasses should be done carefully, because if you aren’t delicate, the lenses can scratch. Once your lenses scratch, there’s no fixing them, only replacing them.

You should have a cleaning solution, a clean cloth and a small brush to complete a full clean. You can acquire Hakim Optical cleaning solutions and cloths from any of our 161 locations across Canada. If you are looking to clean your glasses now and don’t have any cleaning solution available, you can always use dish soap as a short term substitute.

As for a cloth, microfiber cloths are ideal, but any clean cotton material should work.

Just make sure it’s not your shirt. A lot of people use their shirt to clean their glasses, but this is not an ideal material. Unless your shirt is freshly cleaned, you have likely worn it and even if you can’t see it, it has dirt and dust all over it.

If you really want the ultimate clean for your glasses, bring them to Hakim Optical. We offer professional cleanings and if you purchased your glasses from Hakim Optical, you are eligible for free professional cleanings for the entire first year.

We offer ultrasonic eyeglasses cleaning. Your entire pair of glasses will be submerged in cleaning solution and cleaned very thoroughly. This will be able to reach all the touch to reach places that you may not normally be able to get to with whatever tools you have at home.

After you’re done cleaning your glasses, remember to keep them in your case!